Matterport Tallahassee • Real estate agent uses Matterport for selling home
Matterport Tallahassee • Real estate agent uses Matterport for selling home

What is Matterport

Using Matterport is one great way to capture the attention of interested buyers, and it’s shocking to me that more real estate agents haven’t caught on and started using this amazing piece of technology.

Matterport is a 3D camera system that takes thousands of pictures a second of your home. When all the pictures are combined, it creates a fully immersive experience that allows viewers to virtually walk through every room in your house. Basically, an open-house hosted online 24/7.

See Matterport for yourself

Below, you’ll find examples of our Matterport marketing that we put together for our clients, so you can see the quality for yourself. Even with the advent of modern technology, the old adage still stands true: a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, imagine what 1,000 pictures can do for your listing.

When buyers are online and have the option to click on a home for sale that includes hi-resolution photos and a 3D tour of the home, or a house with one hazy iPhone picture of the front of the house, where do you think they’ll go? As a home seller paying a real estate agent thousands of dollars to sell your home, you should demand they deliver a professional service that optimizes the exposure of your home.

The majority of buyers make decisions about homes before ever seeing them in person, so presenting your house in the best light online is of utmost importance.