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Notaries of Europe made a website providing information in English and French about how to buy property in the 22 EU countries with the notarial system.

Illustration by Giada Lagorio

The easy reading website is intended to be a practical tool for consumers, helping them understanding the different stages of a real estate transaction depending on the national law applicable.

Did you know that in Europe, 2.5 million homes belong to people living in a Member State other than that in which the property is located. However, whether buying a secondary residence, making an investment or moving abroad, buying property in Europe is still a complex operation, particularly because of the differences between national laws.

The “Buying Property in Europe” website is a precious tool in that matter and will provide very useful information for citizens before they consult a professional such as a notary.

What are the European cities in which you’d like to buy property ?

Tell us and we’ll add them to my ⚡ ️powerful property searching engine️️ ⚡️ (only in french for now) !

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