After a prolonged process and efforts, finally you get your first apartment home. It’s daunting to think of the next step of moving in , and the excitement of new home and new ideas to decorate is overwhelming . You may have all the ideas but your budget may not allow those ideas. Most home owners want to start from scratch and leaving the buying to the end , with no budget left , may end up first few months with no furniture.

There is always planning and finding solutions to make it a smooth transition. A checklist is a important step to start with, list all the things to be done for the inside of your apartment, any painting work, plumbing, lighting fixtures or repairs to be don

Imagine a layout fro the furniture’s and items you want to have , how much space is occupied by them, draw out a sketch of how the apartment will look when arranged,doesn’t need to be a pro, can draw out a plan with furniture in it.

Painting work, colour choices should be done prior to the move, any light fixtures to be replaced, fans, curtain rods should be installed. Make a list of furniture items that you will not dispose and any built ins that will be reinstalled.

Now make a list of things you need priority based like bedroom furniture, kitchen and so on. Giving a lead time of 4–6 weeks, place orders for most needed items to get there when you move in.

Check off the items you have and ordered, once moving in happens. Transition into the new home slowly and start ordering smaller items needed with colour and finish in mind.

Some items on your shopping list from entry to bedrooms

Shoe rack

Console table for keys and mail


Canisters for kitchen

Spoons, plates dish racks


Table lamps, floor lamp


Shower rods with curtain

Towel rack


Area rugs

Bathroom rugs

Wall clock

This list of things can get bigger as per your choices. Minimal interiors with clutter free spaces is a good vibe for positive energy , so keep rooms clean, clutter free, remember the saying by Mies Van der Rohe “ less is more” , my favorite motto of all times .

Happy moving

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