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Installation of doors is not rocket science, all you have to do is to understand the procedure and precautions while handling tools. Here I am going to explain step by step procedure in the simplest manner;

First thing you have to do is measure the rough opening where your door is gonna be placed. Start measuring from the width, length and finally measure the sides using plumb bobs. Remember the openings should be half an inch excess than your door measurement. For instance, If the door measures 3’ x 7’ your opening should be 3’1/2” x 7’1/2”.

The second thing is you have to level the floor where your door has to be installed. However, the finished floor would be improperly leveled. You might witness mismatched jambs at the sides but no need to panic. Use a shim to level it properly so the jambs are adjusted. In simple words, all that you have to do is check the leveling of the floor.

The third thing is cut off the excess portion of the jambs which can be identified once you fix the shim.

The fourth thing is you have to attach a temporary block before you attach it permanently to the drywall. In case if it is an unfinished floor leave ¾” gap under jambs for future floor laying.

The fifth thing is to place the door inside the opening to make sure that the gap is consistent on all three sides of the jambs and door is placed in the center. Fix the hinge side first and make sure the door opens and closes properly.

The sixth thing is once you are done with hinge fixing, swing the door to ensure the whole door meets the stop properly. If not adjust the jamb accordingly.

The seventh thing is to ensure jamb is placed perpendicular to the walls, Once again recheck the gaps and check for the door alignments and screw it.

Last but not least is the most precautious step you must do. You need to carefully remove the center screw in each hinge and replace it with construction screws for a safer future. While penetrating the screw keep an eye on it as it may cause cracks. Now drill it carefully. Try to get screws that match your hinge colors.

Once you are clear with this procedure, you can install a door on your own though not like a pro, that might take some time.

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