Is Retail Therapy That Bad? – Sabrina Alvarez – Medium

I mean. Yeah. If taken to the extreme, retail therapy CAN be bad. But really, that works for everything. Now, in small increments… it might actually fuel some serious self-care and motivate you in ways you wouldn’t think.

Listen, Madonna, we live in a material world. There’s no escaping that. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean its this garish, evil thing. My definition of retail therapy is the same as when you google it: “Shopping in order to make oneself happier.” As I said, don’t take it to the extreme! This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! I’m not trying to condone being a shopaholic or anything. So, what do I mean then? Well, self-care is a very hot trend right now. And thank God, honestly. What better trend than one that condones being selfishly kind to yourself? It’s not a bad thing.

What I like about retail therapy is that it is this very motivating act. Today, I buy this candle. What scent do we want to give it? Pine? Coconut Breeze? Pumpkin? Whatever suits your fancy. I bring this candle home to a messy room. But this candle represents a different version of me. Candle Sabrina is put together. Candle Sabrina has a clean room. Boom! My room is clean. Now I may enjoy the smell of crisp apples or peaches.

Let’s say next week I buy myself this cute salad bowl at the dollar store. Look! Even cheap stuff counts! Suddenly Salad Bowl Sabrina needs to eat salads or what was it all for??

Etc. Etc.

And it can work in other ways as well. Retail therapy can work on me holding off on something I want to buy in order to be happy later. Happy lay-away. New Car Sabrina wouldn’t overspend this month. New Car Sabrina needs to hold off on New Makeup Sabrina so that she can be New Car Sabrina. Am I taking this analogy too far? Definitely.

I’ve made my point.

Don’t go overboard or anything. But go ahead, treat yourself.

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