What do you need to know about Williamson County Property Tax Protest?

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What do you need to know about Williamson County Property Tax Protest

So have you gone through your tax mails and seen the terrific numbers that tell you the amount of tax you are about to pay this year on your property? As property values continue to rise in Williamson County, property taxes have been increasing too at an alarming rate for all the Williamson’s homeowners of 2018. Do not be surprised but yes, the appraised value of your house will ultimately determine the amount of property tax that you owe to the collectors.

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Very few people know, but as a fact, 8 out of every 10 Williamson County-area property owners overpay on their property taxes blindly. It is a harsh reality that most taxpayers are not even aware of this fact.

The mass appraisal technique used by tax collectors is mostly responsible for this unfair process. The technique is way far from being detailed or exact concerning numbers. Home-buying is getting more and more competitive every single day. Apart from the vicious methods, one can also blame the market trends for driving up the prices and afterwards the appraised tax values.

Whatever be the underlying cause, the fact that remains is: Statistically, Williamson County’s Property owners are paying way more than required as taxes and so are those in the surrounding areas of Texas.

The only solution to get out of the huge payment is Williamson County property tax protest. But again, most homeowners find this process daunting and stick to being victimized by the tax collectors. Why go through the hassles of court and hearings? Or, why challenge government procedures? Or do you save a considerable amount that is worth the fight? The answer is a big ‘Yes’. A successful Williamson County property tax protest can save you not just hundreds but thousands of dollars every year. It sums up to quite a significant amount if you have decided to stay in the home for long.

So, what is the Williamson County property tax protest process? Is it that difficult at all?

If you have purchased a brand new property just the last year and the sales price then was much lower than the current appraised value, you can send your statement of settlement to ‘ExpressInquiry@wcad.org’. What might happen next is- either the collectors are going to lower the tax based on the sales price, or they might add up a time adjustment to make the payment process slightly comfortable in your case.

But, if you didn’t buy the property last year, the following conditions might be applied.

Every homeowner in Williamson County paying taxes has an option to protest online. Doing an online protest is not a loss at all because you can always reject the resent value sent by the appraisal district. You receive a mail within five days containing the new amount. It is entirely the homeowner’s decision to either accept or reject the value. If not acceptable you will be offered with an appointment to protest in person at an informal hearing. The tax collection department usually gives five days to make the decision.

It is high time Williamson County’s property taxpayers’ start protesting the appraisal district. However, complaining is a long-term process and changes every year. Realize that you cannot give up on the state’s tax collection process and continue to protest every year for the appraised tax on your property.

Every time you protest, you learn more, and gradually you ace the value lowering game. Even if it is a small amount every year, it is going to add up to a considerable sum in the long run.


One most important point before you begin with the Williamson County property tax protest – stay as calm and friendly as possible at the hearing. Being nice and pleasant yields a better lowering in the value. Be persistent but do not take ‘No’ for an answer. Best of luck to all the Williamson County’s property taxpayers.

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