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Early Mistakes To Avoid As A Property Developer – Peter Bubel – Medium

As a property developer, there is a lot to put into consideration. The entire process of developing a property takes immense attention to detail. It’s easy to make mistakes at the beginning that can lead to not making a profit off the property. In order to be successful, it’s important to avoid these early mistakes as a property developer:

The Wrong Location

When finding the right property, location is everything. The location is one of the main deciders of whether a property will be successful or not. One of the first mistakes a property developer can make is choosing the wrong location. Finding a property in an up and coming neighborhood is harder than it looks. The location must be near schools, by public transit, close to nice parks and main roads. Even though a developer can find a cheaper property, a buyer is not going to pay top dollar if it is not a nice place to live. Avoid this mistake by researching neighborhoods and be certain it can offer what buyers are looking for.

Being Too Cheap

Saving money on a property doesn’t always mean a bigger profit. If a property developer is too cheap during development, the property will lose its quality. Even though there are cheap versions of upgraded flooring, cabinets, and tiles, it’s better to opt for quality over price. When pricing is the developers biggest concern, there are still cost-effective ways to improve the property. This can be rendering the house, upgrading the driveway, and focusing on landscaping. These small details will give the property greater value and appeal more to the buyer.

Spending Too Much

There is the perfect middle ground between being too cheap and spending too much money. While the quality of the property is extremely important, some first-time property developers make the mistake of spending too much. Property developers shouldn’t over-design or specify when creating a property. It’s possible to have nice upgrades without going overboard on lavish appliances. To make a profit and stay on budget, skip the marble countertops or crystal taps. Spending too much is just as bad as being too cheap. It’s important o find the right balance.

Choosing the Wrong Builder

A property developer is only as good as its builder. The profitability and quality of the property depends on how good the builder is. Many early property developers will make the mistake of choosing the wrong builder. It’s important for them to interview different builders and find someone with enough experience. The right builder will have at least ten years of consent business, many references, and have signed a fixed price contract. This way the property developer won’t get ripped off.

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