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Property Buying Strategy Playing Hard To Get – Contrax Properties – Medium

It is no wonder that the more the buyer shows interest the more the agent gets assertive that they can walk out of the deal with the highest profit ratio. Especially with an internationally pursued market such as Europe and if the target becomes more concentrated to buying a UK property while in Dubai, there are strategies and tactics to get the most benefit of the deal.

The most profiting property investment relies on more than one item that come before making the decision. Like answering the very basic three questions: 
1. What kind of property to buy? 
2. How much is the purchase power, or the budget? 
3. Are there any risks involved?

Getting answers for those will clear the path for the following steps in the strategy itself, the first phase was to understand your capabilities before landing the market, whether physically through travelling to view properties in UK or buying UK property in Dubai or in Jeddah or elsewhere around the world online.

In the case of purchasing remotely without being in the country and with no intention to be there any time soon, it is always advised that the purchase is through a certified agent or even better through the developer himself. Parallel to that you might want to pay great attention to the metrics of the market so you could decide on the most proper time for the purchase.

Location, size and market interest are three main rebottling factors, side by side with the near and far future potentials lead to the perfect property. Are there forthcoming transportation plans, are there big names moving into the neighborhood, the conveniences availed for the tenants, would be there a possibility for renting it out? Many questions that either endorse the value of a certain property or demotivate you towards the final decision.

After covering all of the previously mentioned points, you get to favor the property you like more than the other likes, but never show the great interest or enthusiasm. “playing hard to get” can be a favored move if you are trying to get the best deal out of the agent selling you but also it is a risky maneuver because someone else might pursue that very property you are interested in whether your plan was buy to let or buy to sell.

Contrax properties are is a multi-global property agent, with a diverse development portfolio of 10,000+ units at various stages of design and planning within the UK and all over the world. Stalwart property advice from the steadfast UK market experts. Set an appointment and invest in the UK today.

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