Cameron Chase Tallahassee • Listings And Real Estate Report May 2019
Cameron Chase Tallahassee • Listings And Real Estate Report May

Cameron Chase Schools

Cameron Chase is served by the following Leon County Schools:

The following housing report for Cameron Chase includes graphs of home prices, home values, and home sizes. Additionally, we have incorporated a continually updated tool that will display all past closed home sales going back to the first in Cameron Chase in 2002.

For all of the real estate graphs found in this report, you will find the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and an important real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

It is important to note that the narrative contained below is for sales through December for all previous years, but through the middle of May in 2019. The graphs and the closed sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Cameron Chase).

Cameron Chase Home Prices

Cameron Chase home prices have reached an all-time high. This year’s average home price has been $276K, though we will see it come down somewhat in the coming months.

Home sales activity is completely in the hands of homeowners. If you hire an aggressive agent who markets your property correctly, it will sell immediately. Currently, there are six homes for sale in Cameron Chase and three are under contract.

Cameron Chase Home Values

Cameron Chase home values continue to rise, up nearly 4% already in 2019 after surging higher by more than 10% last year.

The value of the homes sold in Cameron Chase in 2019 is $143 per square foot.

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