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Selling Real Estate is Hard – Vincent Tabor – Medium

At this time (1:00AM) I have two choices, sleep or write a blog. We all know which one won. Anyway since I need to write, I think I should write about my thoughts for this day, Selling Real Estate is Hard.

After passing the board exams for Real Estate Broker, I thought I am all set, its been more than 3 years since I passed and I only sold two properties. And its not even a “full” sale because I had help which of course means an equal division of your commission.

Although I haven’t done real estate selling full time in those 3 years, I think I have put in enough time and effort to at least make more than 2 sales. I tried using my knowledge in Digital Marketing, I did get a lot of inquiries sometimes answering more than one hundred inquiries a day. But unfortunately not one was closed. I even made a real estate website to help me with my marketing campaign.

I always ask myself, what am I doing wrong? I seriously don’t know right now but I intend to find out. It is just who I am, if I encounter a problem I try to give it much attention. So why am I giving attention on this now despite me being a broker for more than 3 years? Well because now I can give it time and really focus on it. My bread and butter is on Digital Marketing and not in selling real estate. But I intend to change that or at least balance the two in terms of revenue.

There are real estate professionals who makes it look easy selling a property. How do you guys do it? Is there a secret to closing that I do not know? I hope to find out, and for those who are reading this and may have solved that problem, can you help me out?

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