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Was your home for sale and left the market unsold?

If you have ever had your home on the market for sale and it never actually sold, I know how you feel. In fact, a few years back I had my townhome in Sterling, VA on the market for sale. I listened to my realtor regarding a sales price and listed the home at that price he recommended — believing he was the ‘expert’!

Unfortunately it did not sell, I had to take the home off the market and I was unable to follow thru with my plans.

With my home on the market for a few months with no serious offers. Keeping the home immaculate every day not knowing when someone was going to tour the house was brutal! Plans to enjoy the weekend at my house were ruined by complete strangers banging on my door asking to look at the house. After a few months of this pain, I decided the best thing was for me to take the house off the market.

Why did my house not sell? My expectations on a sales price — my realtor had priced the house too high for the market and I followed along thinking that he would be properly representing me.

What a mistake!

For most homeowners going thru this situation, they really need to better understand the market and the reason the home is not selling.

And the #1 and only reason a home does not sell is the Price.

Period. Plain and Simple.

To validate this point, if your home was on the market for a $1, would someone buy it? Of course!

My problem was dealing with a real estate agent that told me what I wanted to hear regarding a potential sales price — but not reality of the market. The agent wanted the “listing” but didn’t want to tell the truth about the current market and a realistic expectation regarding a sales price.

I ended that relationship with the realtor that I initially ‘listed’ the home with.

I would never want a real estate agent to misrepresent the market and tell me what I wanted to hear. I am paying them to tell me the truth about the market and expectations on selling my townhouse.

One of the reasons I became a realtor was because I didn’t want other homeowners to be hoodwinked by shady real estate agents that go after the ‘listing’ but don’t provide a realistic expectation on getting a home sold.

My expectations for the clients I work with are that they will sell their home, and it will sell for more money than any other way, and that they won’t leave any money on the table!

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