Tell us a little bit about yourself. What brought you to real estate as a career?

Good question. It really was the culmination of my experiences going through adulthood. Interior design has always been my passion. I was able to stay home and raise our children during their younger years. I do interior design on the side for friends. So, I get the kids off to school, drive them to their activities, and things like that. I spent over 20 years in new homes construction. Frankly, we built a lot of Las Vegas. We moved here in the mid ’80s when the population was like 300,000, and now it’s over 2 million.

So you’ve seen it growing for quite awhile now.

Immensely, yes. I didn’t go out in the field daily or anything like that. But with the projects that my husband’s company was involved in, I got to see different areas, different styles of houses. Over the years design has changed from segregated rooms to the now more common open concept floor plans. We went through that mansion stage and now it’s come down to more scalable living. That being said, when it was time for me to get back into the workforce, the career path I chose was real estate because it was a good culmination of again, things that I knew and loved and still love today.

What’s your favorite part of living in Las Vegas?

I love that I can drive to the beach in four hours, have my toes in the sand, or I can drive four hours in the opposite direction and I could be on top of a ski mountain. You get so accustomed to living in a 24/7 town with what Las Vegas offers. It’s just different. We also have amazing hiking with Mount Charleston for the summer months for a break from when it’s 120 in the Valley. We also have Red Rock Canyon that is known for being a world-renowned place for rock climbing.

What does a typical day in the life of a realtor in Las Vegas look like since it’s so different from other markets?

I think one thing that sets us apart is being known as a tourist community. We have a huge population of primary residents and where people live real lives. We also have that segment of population that comes here to retire, and there are second homes or their third homes, all types of people. What does a day in my life look like? I don’t necessarily always know who I’m talking going to be talking with on any given day, be it my colleagues, clients or financial professionals. There could be somebody flying in from another country for a buyer consultation or it could be a local resident who wants to sell their house and upgrade their living space. Right now, I think one in five of our buyers are moving here from California. A couple of years ago the market was still very affordable and yet properties were going very fast. I had some buyers who were relocating to Las Vegas and at that time you had to put your offer in quickly if you wanted to even have the opportunity to bid on the house.

If someone doesn’t know any real estate agents, how should they go about finding a good one? If there were a few questions that would be best to ask if you’re interviewing an agent, what would those be?

Great question. I think first of all it would be what is their knowledge of the area? If I’m the seller, I would want to know that the agent that I’m considering knows the local market. The next question would be how are they going to market their home? How are they going to put it out there? Then, what is the agent going to do besides put the sign in the yard and put the property in the MLS? What does the rest of the process look like and how involved is the agent going to be during the process? Also, If you’re trusting me to list your home and negotiate the right offers and different scenarios that transpires through a transaction in order to sell your home, I can’t sit here in front of you now and negotiate my value (commission). I’m really not the right person for you to hire.

So there are a lot of real estate agencies out there to be a part of. What made you decide to team up with Synergy Sotheby’s? What was it about them that you felt would be good for you as an agent?

For me, there were several things that I like about Synergy than just the Sotheby’s brand as a whole. The Sotheby’s brand being what it is means something and it holds its value, especially in the high end luxury market. Also, I like that Synergy is a smaller brokerage that really takes care of its agents and clients. What I was missing in my business was the ability to analyze what’s working, what’s not working, where to go from there. Really, I needed some help to figure out where I was dropping the ball in my marketing plan. The clincher for me with Synergy was having Kyle at the helm of doing all this great marketing for us individually as agents. Combine that with the international marketing that Sotheby’s provides, and it makes for the best marketing for your clients’ listings, exposing buyers to properties that are available in Las Vegas, beyond our Tri-state area, and globally.

What sets you apart as a realtor?

What sets me apart? I think people see me as genuine, and sincere, and trustworthy. People don’t usually see the drive in my personality, which comes out in a good way when I’m working a deal or in negotiation. There’s that other side of me that comes out at that appropriate time which results in the best interests for my clients.

Is there any hobby or activity that you enjoy outside of real estate that you want to share?

I love to hike. That’s really my adventurous side, being outdoors, and not necessarily having a destination in mind, which isn’t much like my personality. Usually, I know exactly what I’m doing, how I’m going to get there, what time, and everything else. I think as far as a hobby, it’s just being out in nature whether kayaking or hiking or just seeing where the river takes you, where the trail goes. As far as accomplishment that has brought me happiness, of course, it’s raising three amazing children who are now young adults and are successful in life and well-adjusted. I’ve built homes in Mexico many times over the years and that has been very rewarding. Three years ago I was in charge of our backpack drive for our State Realtor Board. That was fun. We had amazing success, and seeing the joy on the kids’ faces was priceless. It made all those months of work worthwhile, culminated in those moments handing out the backpack to our disadvantaged kids. We also sponsor the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the State of Nevada.

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