Supply Chain in Numbers — May 27, 2019 – Supply Chain in Numbers – Medium

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Supply Chain in Numbers — May – Supply Chain in Numbers – Medium

$150 million

French logistics operator FM Logistic has announced plans to invest $150 million over the next five years in its own warehouses and distribution centres in India, which will bring nearly 500 jobs within twelve months. As part of the investment, the company will start operating a multi-client facility in Delhi National Capital Region in April 2019 and expand its multi-client warehouse in Mumbai.[Transport and Logistics]

855,000 sq.ft

Amazon’s first distribution center in New York City is large by conventional standards, at 855,000 square feet, but the site is about 20% smaller than the e-commerce giant’s usual sprawling fulfillment centers. The Staten Island facility is the latest in a series of more compact sites Amazon is placing near big markets, as the company tries to get its goods closer to dense population centers while getting the most out of a real estate that gets scarcer and more expensive closer to cities.[WSJ]

30 years

For more than 30 years bright orange “Garfield” phones have been washing up on the French coast to the bemusement of local beach cleaners, who have finally cracked the mystery behind them. But it wasn’t until a local resident revealed that he had discovered the container after a storm in the 1980s that they were finally able to locate it — wedged in a partially submerged cave only accessible at low tide.[Yahoo]

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