Wow, This Last Week on Medium has Been Spectacular – 1-One-Infinity – Medium

Wow, This Last Week on Medium has Been Spectacular – 1-One-Infinity – Medium
Wow This Last Week on Medium has Been Spectacular – One Infinity – Medium

But I came back in 2019, and started publishing more high quality work by the beginning of March.

And as they say, the rest is history. Since the first week of March, I’ve basically improved in my numbers with each passing week. There have not be any steep drops. There has not been a week where suddenly I lost many of my readers and fans.

People are responding to my work in ways they have never responded to my writing at any point in time before, and that’s kind of amazing. Especially to someone like me who is used to working hard and not seeing any payoff from it.

I did fairly well in March on Medium. I started to grow in my followers, started to get more reads. I made $178 for the month, pretty solid compared to the $84 I made in February and the $29 I made in January.

Here’s what my March looked like

Notice the steady growth in terms of fans. At the end of February I was having days where I got no fans at all. Not a single one! And by the end of March I was reaching at least 20 fans a day pretty consistently.

April, though, was when everything changed. April 7 was the day I took a risk on my first ever personal essay on Medium, and it thankfully took off like I never imagined.

I hoped maybe it might get 100 claps. Nearly two months later, it’s at 1,200 claps for 60 different people, wow!

That experience gave me the courage to open up more about my personal life on Medium, which I did just this afternoon with my latest personal essay, this one about the strangest date I ever had in my life…

I’m really happy when readers have such positive responses to these pieces. It makes me want to reveal even more about my life in ways I never have before!

Anyway, that first piece did well on April 7th, and then everything just started taking off. Writing pieces that would have normally peaked at 20 claps in November or December were now getting 300 claps or more almost every day.

By the end of April, my numbers of fans and reads were going up, up, up, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Here’s what my April looked like…

In a single month’s time, I went from 670 fans to 1,484 fans, more than double. I went from 3,688 reads to 5,668. I went from 10,000 views to 15,000 views. That continues to blow my mind!

And now May is by far my best month to date on the site. My stats in May have gone through the roof, as they say.

I’ve sort of been waiting for everything to go back down. I’m not used to continual growth week after week… but it’s what I’ve been getting, and I’m so very thrilled about it.

Here’s currently what my May looks like…

My number of fans jumped from 1,484 in April to 3,379 in May. Again, more than double. Significantly more than double. My number of reads jumped from 5,668 to 8,751. My number of views jumped from 15,000 to almost 25,000.

Again, all in less than a month. Holy cow!

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