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Paint is among the most crucial tools available to homeowners and designers. With only a few brush strokes you can transform a space and not only make it look better but actually increase the value of your home. Given that the investment is usually quite low, the Return on investment on a good paint job is great. With that in mind, here are 5 things you may do with paint which will increase the value of your home. Paint Kitchen Cabinets — In case your kitchen cupboards are looking a little dated and you do not have the spending budget to replace them gives them a fresh paint coat.

Yes, its a lot of work, but the great news is that its not actually difficult. Everyone may do it if they are willing to put in the time and a bit of elbow grease. People always concentrate on the walls, but trim gets dingy and scuffed too. Curb appeal is extremely important and you want potential buyers to be impressed from the start. A fresh paint coat in an appealing neutral color is a good way to make your house look new and up-to-date. Paint the Front Door — The front door is the focus of the exterior of your home and you would like it to look as good as it possibly can.

Improving Value Of Your Home

Top it off with a few stylish hardware and you are good to go. For more advice about painting your home please visit Para Paints. Top four photos courtesy of Skit Inc, bottom two photos courtesy of McGillivray Entertainment/Buyers Bootcamp — Relevant Articles — How to Plan the Perfect Activity Room — How to Make a Lighting Plan+. Coffered Ceilings 101+. Universal Design Tips+. Smart Playroom Storage Tips+. 5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with Paint+. Tips for Setting Up a Workshop+. Tips for Setting Up a Craft Room+. Dress Up Your Home with Vinyl Trim, Mouldings & Dcor Products+.

The way to Plan the Perfect Activity Room+. How to Make a Lighting Plan+. Coffered Ceilings 101+. Universal Design Tips+.Scottie — Don’t put too much stock in operations that give free estimates over the telephone. A plumber or electrician cannot properly diagnose an issue unless its in person.

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