Facilities Management — Benefits of Comprehensive Photo Documentation


OnSiteIQ is empowering building owners, asset managers, and facilities management teams to better manage their properties through a comprehensive digital record of the entire build, timestamped weekly, and organized into our easy-to-use-platform. Gone are the days of wondering what’s behind a wall before needing to make a repair. OnSiteIQ saves clients valuable time, effort, and money. We do all the work so when something comes up in the future, your team can tackle it with ease.

The OnSiteIQ platform was built with owners at the top of mind, but many stakeholders outside the ownership circle find value in the data that OnSiteIQ is providing. It is our job at OnSiteIQ to re-train the industry on how construction photo-documentation is perceived. Often in the early stage conversations with prospective clients, we get the question: “Well, tell me in more detail what you are taking pictures of?” Very simply — we document everything. The answer is often met with a pause, then an “ah-ha” moment which takes place shortly after they see the platform. Our team is OnSite through all phases of construction. We make sure that we document anything and everything to ensure that when something comes up in the long-term you are protected and prepared.

Across the construction and development industry, companies are building smarter. They are refocusing on efficiency and sustainability and are gaining an edge on the competition by utilizing top-of-the-line technology solutions to streamline the project management process. As owners, you have a full suite of decisions to make when it comes to the strategy you deploy once the building is complete. For the sake of this article, let’s assume you can break these strategies into two categories:

  1. Long-Term Hold
  2. Short-Term Reposition

If you are holding the asset for a longer period of time (~10 years+), the OnSiteIQ platform is justified and validated in the short and long-term. During construction, your team can collaborate on the platform gaining a better view of the inner workings of the site. Once the project is complete, you will have continued access to the platform for years to come.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that seven years down the road one of the residential units in your property needs a seemingly major repair. In the past, you would alert your facilities management team to assess the problem, pinpoint a cause, and deploy the proper resources to solve the issue. In this scenario, a project team utilizing the OnSiteIQ platform would easily be able to time-travel back to see the components behind the walls of the exact unit in question, saving you valuable time and resources (See Below):

On the other hand, if you are operating with a short-term reposition strategy in mind, then you are less likely to be concerned with the long-term facilities management aspect and more concerned with the stabilization and sale of your property. OnSiteIQ is well-positioned to help you market your property by providing high-quality, detailed images of your site’s interior. Throughout the diligence process, any facilities-related questions that a prospective buyer has can be easily answered through referencing OnSiteIQ’s time-stamped, 360-degree images.

Take the guesswork out of the equation — Schedule a demo of the platform today!

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