A weird approach to how to spend money on cosmetics

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A weird approach to how to spend money on cosmetics

Focusing on saving money doesn’t mean that we are not going to take care of ourselves and try to look beautiful. But there are ways to optimize and not to spend too much money on cosmetics.

First of all, let`s start with grouping the products into two categories as skin care and make up. (Don’t worry I am not going to build a serious focusing strategy just because we do a grouping, this is neither a marketing training nor advertising platform…)

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Skin care products are important but they also have a placebo impact. Actually, we need to keep in mind that if expensive products were the only way to become beautiful and young, no rich people would get old. You don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff to look good. There are good products which could solve your problem and they have reasonable prices. Or using some natural oils as moisturizer could be healthier and cheaper solution.

Also keep in mind that not every product works the same way on all people. A face cream which works very well for your friend might make acne on you. Read the product reviews and consult friends but in the end, you will need to test different products to find what works best for you. Pay attention to ingredients, because we are getting a lot of chemicals without knowing what they are. Try not to be addicted to products and use them with small amounts which is also a money saving tip. This is an industry to make money as well and we have to continue buying.

Search the products before going to a store and ask opinions of a salesperson. They are going to recommend you some products but do not forget that in the end they are trying to sell you as much and as expensive as they can. Sometimes they will even make you feel like your skin is a disaster and they are not sure even the product that they are recommending would help you. You will feel sad and guilty and with that guilt you will spend a lot of money. Try to ask for samples, it is good to see how your skin reacts, before buying it. And search the products online maybe you can find a better offer somewhere else.

If you are happy with what you are currently using, do not buy something new without finishing what you have. The old is going to be a waste. Do not be the person who buys a lot of products and just use one third of each product. And If your skin is shining like a diamond, don’t bother yourself with going through all these processes.

As for make up, I am still having difficulty to understand why there are trends in this area and cannot stop thinking that this is a waste of money, but maybe I am too old fashioned. Or maybe this is just because I am scared to enter to cosmetics shops because I feel like either the heavy perfume smell will make me hypnotized and I will buy whatever they are selling or I don’t have enough make up on my face and I will be judged by my messy look while I was proud of myself all day about being natural. Why can`t you make these shops less smelly and friendlier, people?

While we are using skin care to make our skin better, make up products are mostly destroying these effects. That’s why I believe having a good quality is important in this case. If your budget is limited and if you are making eye-makeup but not using lipstick very often, try to buy better products for your eyes and not spend a lot of money on lipsticks. Make use of the stores as much as you can for testing if you don’t have phobias like me. (Why can`t you make these shops less smelly and friendlier, people?)

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