Great Pool Homes Under $400K In The 32308 Zip Code • Homes For Sale
Great Pool Homes Under K In The Zip Code • Homes For Sale

Buying A Home With A Pool

If you plan on buying a home with a pool in the 32308 zip code, you need to understand that they are relatively rare (only 13 on the market below $400K right now) and highly prized. I suspect an analysis like the above one, but restricted to 32308 would show even more of an added value.

You might be tempted to buy a home with no pool and add that later, but the cost of that will be far higher (both in money, time, and anguish) than just getting a home with a pool already.

If you find the right home, be prepared to make a smart bid, as there remain more buyers than sellers for pool homes in the 32308 zip code.

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