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Land prices are always high in India because of the shortage and you cannot buy a piece of land just like that. You need to check various details prior to buying land. It is foolishness to make a hurried purchase. Having said that, here are five things you need to definitely check prior to buying land:

Check the property’s title deed

The most important document you should check is the title deed which proves the ownership of the land you are planning to buy. The seller should have the document with him/her. It provides the ownership history in terms of change in ownership. It tells you whether the piece of land has been gifted to the current owner by the previous owner or whether it has been bought or inherited. Trace the land’s ownership and see if there are any discrepancies. Check the revenue records if you find any discrepancies. It is always better to verify the original document. If you are looking to buy villa plots in Bangalore, you must consider BIAAPA-approved plots offered by Hebron Properties. A 15-minute drive from Hebbal Lake and Bangalore International Airport takes you to the plot.

The sale deed should be with the seller

The sale deed entrusts the seller with the right to dispose of a piece of land. It is required to transfer the ownership in your name. The draft of the sale deed between you and the seller is to be made on non-judicial stamp paper. It will have your name and address and that of the seller, and details as regards the land, including location, address, and area. The price agreed upon by the seller and you, advance amount to be paid, the dates and mode of payments, banking transaction details, and the date of handing over the plot with relevant documents should also be included. Finally, the registration of the sales deed is done in the office of the sub-registrar. The registration charges and stamp duty will have to be paid by you.

Verify the plot’s encumbrance certificate

This is important because the land you are planning to buy might have been mortgaged either to a bank/third party as security. The seller might have borrowed money by offering the plot as collateral security. The encumbrance certificate should state that the plot does not have any encumbrances. Le Lexus Stoneview plots offered by Hebron properties are all encumbrance-free plots.

Check whether it is DC converted land

In Karnataka, all lands are considered as agricultural land. For construction purposes, land should be converted to non-agricultural land by the Deputy Commissioner. DC conversion is essential for the piece of land to obtain the Khata certificate.

Confirm that the plot is ‘A Khata’

This means the landowner is paying property tax and it is a legally developed land and the sanctions and approvals are valid. You need to ensure that the piece of land you are purchasing has ‘A Khata’ certificate to avoid legal hassles.

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