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How I would live if money were not an issue – Alex R Carver – Medium

My response to an invite by Carole P. Roman

Recently people have been writing articles on what they would do if they acquired wealth or simply didn’t have to worry, and they have been inviting others to share their thoughts on the topic. This is how I would live if I were rich, written in response to an invitation by Carole P Roman.

  • Disclaimer, this is how I imagine I would live if rich, should I ever become rich, my actual lifestyle may vary greatly.

Before I begin, I would like to say that if given a choice, I would prefer to become rich as a result of working hard (on my publishing career obviously) and becoming successful, not through suddenly coming into a windfall. That is not to say I won’t be buying a ticket for this Friday’s £100+m lottery, I’m not stupid; if I can win a fortune, I’ll try to.

Okay, on to the meat of the article.

The first thing I would do if I became rich, assuming that the circumstances leading to me becoming rich had not already enabled me to do this, is tell the benefits people where to go.

Currently I am living week to week and month to month on benefits because I have anxiety issues that make it hard for me to leave the house without either company or a good reason, especially if I have to go more than a few streets from home. I also struggle in dealing with people, noises, unfamiliar situations, and a whole host of other things.

My situation, financially speaking at least, is nowhere near as bad as it is for some other people because I live with my mum, who is able to help me out financially. That does not, however, stop me worrying about my situation because at any moment the benefits people could decide to withdraw the money they are paying me and force me to look for work in order to get a lesser amount than they currently pay me.

Just the thought of looking for work at present is enough to send my anxiety skyrocketing, which leads to physical issues such as worsening sleep (I already struggle with sleep and rarely get even 2/3 of the recommended amount for someone my age; apparently naps don’t count anymore) over or undereating, problems with alcohol, which I have had in the past, and the more recognised forms of self-harm. Imagine how much worse these things would be if I actually had to look for work.

Being able to get off benefits and pay my bills without having to worry about either the benefits agency or a job that is harmful to both my mental and physical health would be massive, so obviously it would be the first thing I sorted.

The second thing I would do, once I have the monkey that is the benefits agency off my back, is find myself a good therapist, someone who can help me with the multitude of issues I have, issues which go all the way back to my childhood. I know there is no quick fix for the issues I have, and it will take years of therapy to repair the damage to my psyche, if it can be repaired at all, but just being able to get my anxiety and depression under control would enable me to do so much more with my life.

The next thing on my list is to fix my housing situation.

I would like to live more out in the country, where I could have some space around me, a bit of land to have some animals, donkeys, goats, alpacas, that kind of thing, and where I have to travel a distance to see another building. That’s the ultimate goal for me.

I live with my mum, as I said previously, and I have no real issue with that, I don’t mind living with my mum, it’s the house we live in that I have a problem with. The house has been in the family for 7 decades, possibly longer, we aren’t sure exactly, and has had virtually nothing done to it for the latter half of that time because of the age and stubbornness of some of the family members who have occupied the house prior to mum inheriting it.

Mum would never move to the country, no matter how nice the house I found, so instead I would want to install her in a hotel for a while so I could get the family home completely renovated, inside and out, and redecorated and refurbished, and of course have the garden made into somewhere to sit in the evening.

I’ve seen what some people have done with other houses in the street and they can be made really nice, despite being over a century old now.

As for how I would live on a day-to-day basis, I would almost certainly still write, I can’t see money putting an end to that. So long as I have ideas, I’ll be writing. I can’t even imagine giving up writing permanently. I wouldn’t worry about selling my books, however. I would probably hire someone to manage marketing and promotion of my books for me, but I wouldn’t actually care how much money they made.

Mostly I would try to live as relaxed a life as I could.

Those are the main things I would do if money was no object, not a lot, I know, but I’m a simple man at heart, and I can’t honestly see myself changing that much (possibly because I’m quite lazy, lol) just because I have money.

There are things I would like to do, though, if my mental health improved enough to allow me to, and they are as follows

Take up golf again, I used to enjoy playing.

Travel, I’ve been a few places, Egypt being my favourite, but there are so many other places, especially places with historical buildings or locations, to visit.

I’d like to follow the example set by Carole and pay it forward when it comes to writing and publishing. I do the best I can now, but I’m very limited. With unrestricted funds I would like to think I would set up, or perhaps fund someone else to set up, a company or initiative to help up-and-coming authors who have great ideas but lack the money, connections, or know-how to really take advantage of them.

I would also like to do something with animals and nature. I prefer animals to people, and would very much like to buy a bunch of land, preferably disused commercial land, industrial estates and such properties, and return it to nature, and perhaps even reintroduce animals that were once native to the UK but are no longer here.

If money was not an issue for me, you might see the guys above prowling the UK again.

And there you have it, that is what I would do and how I would live if I were rich.

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