Plumber: Wading pool sinks high-end bathroom feature


Q: Dear Ed: I was recently in a fancy restaurant and the bathroom sink looked like a large glass countertop curved towards a center drain. I’m curious to find out what kind of sink this is and are they available for home bathrooms?

– John, New York

A: From what I can tell you may be describing a wading pool-style bathroom sink.

The sinks can be crafted from a large, heavy-duty piece of glass that is textured to resemble rippled water. As you can imagine, most wading pool sinks are high-end items that can easily become the centerpiece of any bathroom.

Because of its large rectangle size and slightly curved shape, the water gently flows along the sinks curved surface to the drain.

The sinks can be installed in home bathrooms, but get a complete job quote for the wading sink upfront so you don’t end up over your head.

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