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Money Money and More Money


1.Do you have enough money?

2.Do you want more money?

3.Why don’t you have enough money?

I am sure that your brain fired off some immediate responses to those questions and if it did then that is your reality about your current financial situation.

Your answer to the first question probably was hell, no I don’t have enough money. That is probably why you stopped on this page and decided to read this article, so I thank you for paying me. Now I am sure that I have just confused the crap out of you by saying that you have paid me. Actually you have not given me any type of physical form of money such as dollar bills or coins but you have paid me in another currency which is time. The good old fashion quote “Time is money” has a lot of truth behind it.

For every second that you are not taking action towards your financial goals you are actually losing money. You may say well I sit in a cubical all day for 10 hours and I get my paycheck at the end of the week that is how I earn my money. Yes that is very true you do work very hard to earn what you have, I know I do.

Another quote comes to mind when I think about this and that is “Work smart not hard” by working smart you can devise a way to figure out how to start making more money, sort of like the thinking outside the box theory. In society we get caught in the rat race and never realize that the guy in that Lexus next to us at the stop light that is not on his way back to the office from lunch, he is actually enjoying his financial freedom and you should know how to get your Lexus just like that guy. So I am sure you are saying to yourself “yeah this is all great but what the bleep am I supposed to do to earn the money for the Lexus?”

The first step is invest in your education, go to the book store and buy a couple books on increasing your wealth read about the stock market, real estate, starting a business and even look at the books about your favorite hobbies because there is a lot of truth in making money while doing what you love. Just go there and look at the shelves and something will jump out at you. Start building a base of new knowledge and newfound thinking.

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