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Wants to earn money fast – Malinda J Sever – Medium

Being a female means we are multi-talented. We learn to prioritize family needs, career, community and self needs. We are the family caregiver of our children, elderly parents, our pets and our husbands. We do the grocery shopping, plan the meals, do the laundry, keep the household intact and manage family member schedules. These tasks take a lot of work and patience. Yes, being female is a talent.

We multi-task all the time. While we are cooking, we are usually planning things with the family. While we are doing laundry, we do other household chores that need done. When we are doing things with the children, we are planning on how to keep our romance alive with your husbands. At work, we do ten things at once to keep our careers and jobs on tract.

We lead busy lives. Sometimes it feels like we are on fast track mode. We want this from our money too. We want our investments to earn profit fast. We want to get on with achieving our financial goals, just like our fast-paced lives.

Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, investments mean devoting or outlay of money over time, to gain profitable returns such as interest, income or appreciation in value. The key words here are “over time.” We need to do our due diligence research to determine the right kind of investment we want to commit to for the growth of our money. It will take time; it will not be fast. So we need to plan, prepare and be patient.

I have found the right program and learned to invest and improve my financial status for now and the future lifestyle I want to create for myself. Follow my stories to find out how you can join in to be successful for your financial future.

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