Is Your Pool as Safe as It Can Be? | RISMedia, RISMedia

Is Your Pool as Safe as It Can Be? | RISMedia, RISMedia
Is Your Pool as Safe as It Can Be

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

By John Voket

As pool season continues, a number of sources are reminding pool owners about taking necessary precautions to ensure your pool access is controlled and your pool and poolside areas are as safe as possible.

The CDC reports about 10 people drown every day in the U.S., and two of them are children aged 14 and younger. The top three most common causes of drowning and injuries? Lack of barriers, lack of supervision, and alcohol use.

SafeKids Worldwide says one of the biggest misconceptions about drowning is that someone will hear a person in the water thrashing around or yelling for help if they’re going under. In reality, drowning is usually silent.

Caitlin McCormack at recently looked at a few of this year’s most practical and effective accessories and features that can help prevent uninvited access to your pool, as well as better protecting those you do invite to enjoy it.

The top five such products on McCormack’s list are:

Poolguard Inground Pool Alarm – Suitable for in-ground pools, its tamper-proof design cannot be deactivated once installed. Made in the USA with a 3-year warranty.

SmartPool Above-ground Pool Alarm – Designed for above ground pools, this alarm emits a loud signal at the control panel should someone fall into your pool. It’s suitable for pools 24′ round or 16′ x 32′ oval, and features a patented underwater wave detector.

Safety Turtle Wireless Gate Alarm – This wireless gate alarm can be mounted on both metal and wooden fences, and features a 200 ft. range that sounds when someone opens the latch. It features an adult bypass switch and reported battery life for around 30,000 entries.

SmartPool Night Vision Inground Pool Alarm – Suitable for inground pools, this alarm features a childproof lock and independent on/off switch. Remote offers an audible “Check the pool” warning when the perimeter alarm signal has been set off and “Emergency! Check the pool!” alarm when the underwater signal is activated.

FROG Child Water Safety System – This water safety alarm and wristband combination works in both salt and freshwater. Should the child or wearer fall in, an alarm sounds on the monitor.

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