Breakfast links: Is the number of people facing homelessness actually rising in DC?

Breakfast links: Is the number of people facing homelessness actually rising in DC?
Breakfast links Is the number of people facing homelessness actually

Some metrics show housing instability in DC is growing

While the Bowser administration reported progress in reducing homelessness in the District, some nonprofits say there’s a growing demand for homeless services. Many people experiencing homelessness are staying with family and friends.  (Morgan Baskin / City Paper )

The Meridian Hill Park fountain is working again

The fountain at Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X park, is working again after a year-long shutdown due to a leaky pipe. The fountain was built in 1932 and is designated as a National Historic Landmark.  (Rachel Kurzius / DCist)

Did Hogan’s administration oversimplify a study to support highway expansion?

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cited a study to justify widening highways that claims this will lower emissions. The author of that study spoke up, saying his findings were more complex.  (Scott Dance / Baltimore Sun)

Maryland’s Transportation Secretary says Monorail is worth exploring

Monorail advocates said that Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn believes it makes sense to study a 27-mile monorail between Frederick and the Shady Grove Metro station. Rahm did not confirm his comments.  (Katherine Shaver / Post. Tip: Chester B.)

Governor Hogan’s highway-widening plan moves forward

On Wednesday, the Board of Public Works voted to allow the state to begin soliciting private companies to build and operate toll lanes on I-495 & I-270. Amendments to the proposal included moving I-270 portion of the plan as Phase 1.  (Katherine Shaver / Post)

Elrich opposes more accessory apartments in MoCo

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich wrote a letter expressing concerns about a plan that would change the county’s zoning code to allow more accessory apartments. The county is experiencing a housing shortage.  (Dan Schere / Bethesda Beat. Tip: Chester B.)

MoCo Planning Board favors changes to its construction moratorium

The Planning Board is in favor of allowing specific projects to proceed, despite a residential building freeze. Planning staff supports the change in the construction moratorium policy because it will only apply to a limited number of projects that have “minimal” impact on nearby schools.  (Caitlynn Peetz / Bethesda Beat)

DC prepares for Capital Pride 2019

Over 200 organizations are expected to take part in The Capital Pride Parade which will start at P and 21st streets NW, and end at R and 14th streets NW.    (Andrew Giambrone / Curbed)

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