Breakfast links: Soon it’ll be easier to find a bathroom in downtown DC

Breakfast links: Soon it’ll be easier to find a bathroom in downtown DC
Breakfast links Soon it’ll be easier to find a bathroom

At last, 24-hour public restrooms are coming to DC

After a long fight from local activists (and some help from GGWash) DC will add two 24-hour bathrooms to “high traffic areas” in the coming years. Advocates say more public restrooms would help a lot of people, including tourists, seniors, pregnant people, and people experiencing homelessness.  (Kristi King / WTOP)

A Baltimore artist’s home redevelopment sparks backlash

A plan to raze jazz legend Cab Calloway’s former home in Baltimore has created tension between residents looking to preserve the neighborhood’s history and officials hoping to spur its growth.  (Sameer Rao / Post)

MD’s Park and Planning Commission opposes highway widening

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s plan to widen I-270 and I-495 was voted down, nine to one, by the regional Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  (Dan Schere / Bethesda Magazine)

Wiehle-Reston East will be closed this weekend

Track work to connect existing Silver Line stations to Dulles will close Wiehle-Reston East over the weekend. The work will connect working tracks with portions still under construction.   (Max Smith / WTOP)

Debate over the “East End” moniker continues

The debate over rebranding neighborhoods in Wards 7 and 8 to “East End” has resurfaced. Some residents are asking for focus to be put on food scarcity and violence rather than a new name.  (Sasha-Ann Simons / WAMU)

NPS plans to move a historic log cabin in Rock Creek Park

The National Park Service will move a log cabin that previously belonged to poet Joaquin Miller to a new location in Rock Creek Park.  (Jacob Fenston / WAMU)

How to increase housing supply and bring down costs?

A new study suggests you may be able to bring down housing costs by adding luxury housing to wealthy neighborhoods, which free up space in lower-priced units for people who need them.  (Nolan Gray / City Lab)

Amsterdam wants to give streets back to pedestrians

Amsterdam is attempting to remove more than 11,000 parking spaces, and is converting the areas to green space or pedestrian zones.   (Laura Bliss / City Lab)

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