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How do people become rich at a young age –

At exactly 04:00 am he left the house. In one hour, he walked three and a half miles. Yes, he walked too fast for his age. His strides were short, but at times he jogged. He was only ten years old.

His main aim was to get there before she woke up. “She usually gets up at 05:00 am, cooks breakfast, eats, bathes and goes to work.” He said to himself as he walked. Panting and with his whole body socked to the bones in sweat, Ethan knocked on Mary’s door.

Ethan had a very strong desire to run his own business. Though he was very young, everywhere he went, young and old people crowded around him like flies on fresh poo. This was because he was funny. Everything on and about him was funny. Every word that came out of his mouth was funny. That was food for them.

Ethan had watched all of Mary’s Youtube videos and he wanted to learn from her. He wanted to find out how and why her videos were successfully getting more than sixty thousand views per day. In addition to that, he needed help on setting up his own Youtube channel. He also wanted to know how much Youtube paid per one thousand viewers.

“Ethan, you are a great person with so many talents. I am happy that you have come here to me to seek help and advice. I will help you.” Said Mary.

Mary helped Ethan create a Youtube channel and he started uploading his funny videos. They included comedy, playing with pets and problem solving tips. As I write this answer, Ethan’s Youtube channel has got more than two hundred thousand subscribers and he gets at least fifty thousand views on his new videos within twenty four hours of publication.

Now aged only twelve, Ethan earns more than $2000 every month from his Youtube videos alone and he is now planning to add affiliate marketing to his business as well.

To become wealthy at a young age, you should date yourself first before you date any girls or boys. During that self-date, please ask yourself the following questions and write the answers in a notebook you promise yourself to keep forever.

What am I good at? What are my talents? How can I make my talents and hobbies valuable to others? How can I solve other people’s problems through using my own hobbies and talents? Who can help me and how can I approach him or her?

If you do things that you like and enjoy doing everyday, you will never be distracted. You will always focus. Mix them with your talents and your success is guaranteed.

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