What to do if you run out of money?

roberth mejias
What to do if you run out of money

A of my Friend after having made the decision to leave His job considered all the possibilities on what he could do took into account his family.

The question was, what could I do to receive money? He had no other option for viable work, he was in nothing. After pondering it well, he decided that SALE was the way to make quick money.

His first choice was, selling bread and he did the math and saw he earned more by selling bread; than His current salary.

.The other benefit was that he would be his own boss, nobody would tell him what to do, his job was to selling and the only thing that overwhelmed him was the possibility of not selling anything. we all know what it means not to sell anything for a person, that his whole life depended on it, implies if we go further, not survival.

The transition of a fixed salary (no matter what you do they pay you) to earn for entirely by commissions can be overwhelming for many, in some positions they pay you a fixed salary plus commissions, in the first, its high commissions without limit and in the second do not! If you sell on your own, all your salary depends on your commission for the sale, there is the real thing, as in nature all effort is rewarded if you have the right attitude and everything depends on how to process reality at the metal level.

Your attitude will depend on how you handle yourself in a limited situation, where the sale is your last resource of survival for you and your family, it has a lot to do, the way you look at the world. If you see it as a place with scarce resources then You are not going to sell anything, and if you keep thinking that way your point of view is completely altered by the newspapers and the news that daily try to alter the perception of reality and we must resist the vision that we try to impose.

If we want to sell, life must be focused on a world of abundance, riches, opportunities.

The crisis of money, all go through the sale for good or for bad but regularly is for good, if the shortage of resources touches you, the sale is the solution. Everything has value, but how do we manage the value? and how to use it for your benefits? easy, If the value you deliver is greater than the product, then it occurs for sale, and of course it is the purely immaterial value.

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