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What are JUUL Compatible pods? They are Pods designed to make available to the client those flavors which are not JUUL products but made by other manufacturers and are compatible to the Juul device.

The main idea behind this is to increase the number of flavors.

Ranging from a variety of Minty flavors to a huge selection of fruit and other exotic flavors, these pods are capable of satisfying the need for a variety of flavors’ to suit every taste and budget. These flavors’ are not manufactured by JUUL but the clients would like to have them so some other manufacturers produce them and make them compatible to the JUUL device and available to the JUUL device owner.

Ziip Pods are one of the first to join the Juul compatible trend.

Here is a list of some well known JUUL compatible Pods



· PLUS Pods California

· SEA 100





· VQ Pods

· 4XPods

· SONIC and many more.

They provide a lineup of both fruity and minty flavors which provide the customer consistent hits and smooth flavor profiles together with a wide variety to choose from .

These people also provide JUUL devices to those who do not poses one.

Most of the JUUL distributers and whole sellers also make these compatible pods available to the customer who wants them.

Like all JUUL Distributers the distributers of these products are also very reliable and pompt in their services and can be contacted online. The goods are supplied internationally after taking a minimal payment as shipping charges.

People desirous of quitting the smoking habit and also interested in doing so with the least amount of discomfort should take to e cigarettes. It is good to have a JUUL Pods Bulk supply as a buffer stock many JUUL Pod wholesalers have come up in most areas of a city because of the popularity of the product. If you can fulfill the requirements you can apply for JUUL Pod Distributer ship which is a very lucrative investment due to the products popularity.

The need for Wholesale JUUL Pods is also much needed

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