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An End To End Transaction Solution Without Offers – MLS Offers –

Many industry players are are proudly touting their end-to-end transaction solutions and platforms. These include software providers, brokerages, marketplaces and more. The actual make up of these end-to-end solutions vary by provider, but they will typically include some combination of lead generation, online home search, online mortgage applications, digital forms and signatures, online closings, back office transaction management (document review and storage), etc.

Although, we can’t help to notice that every company touting this holy grail of real estate technology is still missing arguably the most integral stage of the transaction, the offer submission & negotiation stage. At MLS Offers, that is what we are 100% focused on and we do it better than anyone.

Our team was the first to bring online offer technology to the real estate industry back in 2009 as a feature of a robust transaction management system. To date we have facilitated several million offers for agents, so we know this space better than anyone. The MLS Offers platform is our newest iteration on this technology as a standalone offer platform with over a decade of experience and agent feedback built in.

With MLS Offers’ patented technology, all offer terms, docs and back-and-forth correspondence are able to be shared between the listing agent and all buyer agents in an organized online environment. This simplifies and standardizes the offer stage of the transaction. A stage which is essential to any true end-to-end solution.

The service is currently free for all agents. Check out the overview demo below to learn how it works.

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