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Get to know the people behind the payment revolution

8PAY is spearheaded by a global team of experienced blockchain developers, engineers, marketers, and visionaries. Most of us are to be found at our office here in Dubai, but quite a few work remotely across four continents!


Prior to 8PAY, Alessandro Bellardita and Benedetto Salanitro founded a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai. Having discovered Bitcoin back in 2011, the duo have since been hooked on the disruptive nature of blockchain technologies. Out of this passion came the vision for the 8Pay Payment Gateway. They envisioned a perfect bridge between Fiat and cryptocurrencies to give businesses around the world an opportunity to accept digital currencies.

Lead Developers

Roberto Cioffi and Nicolo Cipiti are an independent team of seasoned leaders and subject matter experts who shifted their focus on developing a next-generation decentralized payment ecosystem. They bring ideation, knowledge, and a capacity to execute ambitious undertakings. Their vision is simple: to bring a decentralized payment solution to the masses.

Team Members

AT 8PAY we have a strong team of advisors from the traditional payment and cryptocurrency sectors that bring over 10 years of cumulative experience. Alessandro Genovese, our Head of Tech development, leads our development team to assure we are bringing the most innovative product to market. As for partners, the 8PAY Team is seeking to leverage a partners network to further reach the million of vendors & merchants seeking to adopt our decentralized payment protocol.

If you want to learn more about the 8PAY team, reach out to us. In the future we plan to introduce each member, giving you more insights as to our individual roles, backgrounds, and sharing what we encounter on this journey. We believe in the benefits of being transparent as a startup that seeks to rebuild and decentralize the payment industry!

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