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The Importance of Permits – Glendale Insights – Medium

As a local Realtor I have dealt with so many issues as a result of a property owner not taking the time to pull the necessary permits for home improvements.

Most of the time the reason why a homeowner did NOT pull a permit is because they knew that the work that they did was not legal. For example, illegally converting a garage into living space or making a room addition that the city would not have allowed. Yet when it comes time to sell a property with unpermitted work, the seller wants the added value.

Performing home improvements without obtaining the necessary permits can have serious consequences that can cost you a lot of time and money. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

When it’s time to sell your home, you will be required to disclose if any of the improvements made to your home where completed with or without the necessary permits.

If you have made improvements without getting the proper permits you are giving a buyer a great reason to negotiate a lower price on your home. This is probably the most frustrating thing that I deal with! If the improvement is indeed legal, then the owner should have just pulled the permit in the first place. If the work is substandard or an illegal addition, then the work has absolutely no value to a buyer.

Most lenders will require that recent improvements, room additions, systems such as heating and air or a new roof be permitted. A good licensed professional will never agree to cut corners by not pulling the necessary permits!

In many cases Home Insurance Companies will not cover damage caused by work that was not completed with the necessary permits.

If you are not sure what improvements require a permit, I suggest that you call the city of Glendale or visit their website. It’s always better to be safe that sorry!


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