VegaWallet Enlists Multiple Partners For Ecosystem Upgrade

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VegaWallet Enlists Multiple Partners For Ecosystem Upgrade

Version 3 of VegaWallet is just over the horizon. The massive redesign of VegaWallet’s mobile application was constructed after several panels on what a wallet would need in order to transact properly in the real world.

Dear VegaWallet Community,
If you stay up to date on our social channels you would have seen several large partnership announcements over the last few weeks. Many of our new partnerships focus on reliable and trusted onboarding ramps into the world of cryptocurrency. In order to facilitate cryptocurrency payments, first, we need to deliver ways to obtain cryptocurrency. You can view our recent partnerships relating to these issues below. We look forward to delivering a stunning application to our community and to cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. — Thank you


VegaWallet Is Now An Official Wallet For CoinFlip, Providing Further Real World Applications For Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin And Dash Across The United States.

CoinFlip Partnership Excerpt:
CoinFlip, the worldwide leader for cryptocurrency ATM technology, has announced a partnership with VegaWallet, the complete cryptocurrency platform, to further expand mass adoption and real-world applications for blockchain-based payment protocols. Through the partnership, VegaWallet will become the official wallet of CoinFlip and integrate many options for current and future users of their encompassing cryptocurrency ATM network. View Full CoinFlip Article Here: // 
View DashNews Article Here:

The integration of Wyre’s regulated payment infrastructure now allows VegaWallet users to easily purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum.

SendWyre Partnership Excerpt:
Wyre, the leading blockchain money transfer company operating a regulated global payment infrastructure, has announced a partnership with VegaWallet, the complete cryptocurrency platform, to extend fiat onramp services into the world of cryptocurrency for users of their wallet and upcoming exchange. View Full Wyre Article Here:

VegaWallet Partners With Covault For Bitcoin ATM placement in Cannabis Dispensaries.

Covault Partnership Excerpt:
 VegaWallet, the comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet and merchant solution that recently integrated Dash via BitGo, will now be partnering with CoVault crypto ATMs to provide additional fiat on-ramps, as well as launch a new PoS solution specifically geared towards cannabis companies.
View Full Article Here:

VegaWallet partners with CoinSwitch To facilitate In-App Exchanges

CoinSwitch Twitter Post:
New Partnership: @VegaWallet will be integrating @coinswitch directly into Version 3 of our wallet. Low fees, Fast exchanges, The best options, & You don’t even have to leave your wallet! What could be better?!

Jacob Ballou, Co-Founder of VegaWallet with the Changelly Team at Consensus2019 celebrating our partnership.

Changelly Twitter Post:
Changelly team @EricBenz84 and @ilyas_changelly is quite excited to finally meet Jacob Ballou — Co-Founder of @VegaWallet, our future partner. Thanks to #Consensus2019

Tarek Hajri & Jacob Ballou of VegaWallet with Dash Core Group’s, CEO, Ryan Taylor

VegaWallet’s Main Strategic Partner — DASH

VegaWallet and Dash have been working closely together on the further improvement of real-world applications for cryptocurrency payment systems. We are excited to further this collaboration by helping to develop specialized systems and originate usable functionalities for their Dash Evolution Fork.

Watch VegaWallet and Dash closely over the next few months as we roll out some exciting projects and work towards our common goal of decentralized financial mediums and acceptance worldwide.

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