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What to do when you are broke – Smart Emovon

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The entrepreneurs life from the beginning is not as easy as I thought. What were my thoughts? I was hoping as I dished out opportunities, offers, package myself then get more clients with these, more money will roll in. The twist? Not working at all..

Funny question like, should I get a day job & to ensure that I don’t get broke or what? Bills aren’t smiling man and this have nothing to do with being an entrepreneur. So I did some things and they are becoming a part of me when I’m broke.

Mind you being broke doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have money, it means you don’t have liquid cash to spend. Obviously I have my savings on lock with Cowrywise, I can’t touch it till the due date which I’ve extended twice & I get 10–15% on it. Cool right? I know.

So what do I do?

iREAD: I’ve not been a fan of books or reading something that’s extremely long. Are you like me? Cool! There’s a way I fixed that, most times it because what we read doesn’t interest us. I found out the kind of books or articles that get me are either about Faith (not all writers though), business strategy, Motivational, Advertising or Money management *winks*.

So far I’ve read 4 books this year and counting…so I said to myself, Don’t read all books especially those that don’t interest you. Reading has broadened my vocabulary and my way of thinking especially. I usually have a new way of attack or defense to life challenges, and doing this when you’re broke prepares you when you’ve got money on you.

iSTRATEGIZE: A comedian said on of the best times you have great ideas is when your broke/hungry. Ponder a little… Because in those moments you’ll be finding a way out of it! 
So you’re craving for pizza like me and there’s no cash…

mind you “Never borrow to spend or enjoy life” #ATipfulEveryday

you begin find ways of generating more income. Strategizing just like reading prepares you for what to do when you money comes in.

iLEARN & iSHARPEN UP: Well if you begin to read and strategize already you’d be pushed to learn. Aside that you can choose to learn consciously and increase your value when you’ve get that job or contract that would bring in money you want. People pay for value they see, 5 years ago the value I presented is nothing compared what I give now…the difference? Learning something valuable makes you worth a lot more than yesterday, Sharpening your skill makes you remain fresh for the market!

iCOMMUNE WITH GOD: This make sound like you don’t commune when you aren’t broke, NO. I believe God deserves an uninterrupted time with us unlike being in a hurry when you have deadlines or office to meet up. One way to fix that thought is ensure you’re not communing because you want the blessings. Commune without seeking the benefits of what He can do, obviously there are benefit but the difference is “your motive”.

Yes! That’s it! Glad you read up to this point…Hope you learnt something new. I’ll be glad to learn from you too in the comments section.

Cheers to the future.

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