Wow, I made almost $600 on Medium in just 2 weeks! – 1-One-Infinity – Medium

Wow, I made almost $600 on Medium in just 2 weeks! – 1-One-Infinity – Medium
Wow I made almost on Medium in just

Continue at my three-stories-a-day pace, and take at least two big chances every week.

I still don’t feel comfortable publishing less than three times a day to maintain the income level I’m currently at. If I published, say, one story a day next week, I honestly don’t think I could reach $280 or more for that week. I feel like my income would drop by a lot, and my interest right now is trying to always earn more this week than I earned the previous week.

So what stays the same is the three-stories-a-day schedule. Sometimes I even manage four, but that’s been pretty rare lately. Especially because of the time I’m devoting to my latest novel. Three stories a day is often enough.

But something I do plan to change? I want to take a chance or two every week. Take a chance on a Medium story that exists in a topic I don’t typically write in, that I might not find as much comfort in. I want to surprise my readers occasionally with something out of the box, and you know what? If it fails, it fails. If it fails, it’s totally fine. Because it’s just one story. One story of many.

Tomorrow I’ll be publishing my 900th Medium story. In a few weeks I’ll have 1000 Medium stories! That is a lot. A whole hell of a lot. And it’s time I think now to take more chances. I’ll never be able to prosper as well as I could on Medium if I just stay writing the exact same things over and over, week after week.

That’s something you should all think about. What’s a potential story you could write that would be outside your comfort zone? Give it a shot!

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