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The Race for Monotonous Life – Vikneshwar Satya – Medium

When you cross 30, the whole world looks at your from a different perspective. There are specific guidelines pre-defined for you about where you should be after 30. There are specific designations where the world wants to see you.

I have just crossed 31, the society expects a lot from me. One of the basic things is that once I’m at this age, I should have already reached 10years experience mark. So by default everyone assume I’m getting paid a very handsome amount by my employers at the end of every month. Which I don’t let everyone know about.

I’m not a guy who likes to show off things or buy fancy gadgets. I don’t go to lavish parties, heck I don’t even go to any high end restaurants. I don’t own a car, as the amount which I would have used to finance it goes to the savings fund for my sons education when he would join his school. A part of my fund goes to finance my wife’s higher studies.

I haven’t bought a house yet, as I believe that when you are doing well enough to get the mortgage cleared as soon as possible that’s when you should take that big step. Its not that I’m afraid of taking risks, its just that I wouldn’t want to commit financially to something that long.

I don’t own the latest mobile phone, as the only purpose that I use my phone is for checking WhatsApp messages and receiving calls. However I do spend money on what is really needed. I own a laptop with good configuration. I own a very good DSLR camera. I have subscriptions for couple of streaming services. I spend good amount on transportation.

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