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How A Time Kickboxing World Champion Made Desperate Virgin Men

If you’re tired of living the average life you have, your boss’ incessant nagging and you really don’t have a network of like minded people like you, who want to get ahead in life…

then you really should join The War Room!

Well, «The War Room»’, you might say…’are we going to wage war on something?’

The answer is perhaps somewhat surprisingly «yes».

We are going to wage war on something, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

However, don’t worry. We’re not going to war in the traditional sense (although some of our members and @ofwudan, Mr. Andrew Tate himself wouldn’t mind)…

We are instead going to wage war on…

The boring, average loser life you’re currently living

In short, we’re going to help you change your life completely.

You’re going to go from broke to rich, from out of shape to in shape, from being the dweeb no girl wants to even touch to the Gentleman all the girls lust for.

Already now we can hear you say something like:

‘Yeah, right, I’ve been trying all sorts of things like taking courses, programs, read self-help books…why would I even care about this?’

Our answer: because The War Room is something completely different from any other traditional course.

A lot of courses and programs online gives you access to a Facebook group, a Slack channel or something like that. And that’s usually it.

In these channels and groups, the course creator or guru is accessible for maybe one hour per week or so.


Because his ‘time is valuable’ or some other pathetic attempt at not being willing to helping out his followers.

Do you want to know how we do things in The War Room?

Andrew Tate is accessible on demand 24 hours a day!

…and not only that, but

Alexander J.A. Cortes

Ivan Throne

Iggy Semmelweis

Dylan Madden

Damian Prosalendis

Are all hanging out in The War Room, eager to share their wisdom with you!

Now, we have a question for you, and we’d like you to answer honestly: Is there any other online community you belong to where celebrities and successful entrepreneurs share their advice for free?

If the answer to that question is yes, then we don’t know what to say. We’d love to be a part of your community, too.

But if the answer to this question is no…

Then we present to you the ultimate solution to get your life fixed!

The War Room actually is more than a solution to your life. It’s a necessity. A requirement.

Just think about this:

It’s getting harder and harder to get ahead in life. There is so much fake news, unless content and information online for those who want to build and create a profitable lifestyle….

…so why not join The War Room? Everything you need to get ahead in life, to leave your miserable day job, to not deal with gender equality nonsense and overall beg someone else for money is right inside The War Room!

We fully understand if you need a little more information on what you’ll get when you join The War Room, so here you go.

Just know that you also have to buy additional courses to enjoy one or more of these benefits:

  • Access to @ofwudan, Mr. Andrew Tate himself 24 hours a day on demand
  • The ability to «bend» time, and get a lot more things done during the day than if you occupy yourself with distractions
  • A positive discussion atmosphere where we focus on how to make more money, get more girls, get in shape and much more
  • Real-time meet ups where you actually get to pick the brains of not only the celebrities in The War Room but also successful people like Brandon Carter, Ed Latimore, Mike Cernovich!
  • The required attitude you need to have to get girls lusting after you like fish to a hook filled with bait
  • How to get in shape fast without going to the gym and a what kind of diet to eat, as well as the only thing you can’t eat if you want to remain in shape.
  • A secret «mind trick» to bend people’s will and make them submit to your wishes
  • Special breathing techniques that will make you appear more imposing and assertive.
  • Some ugly, dark truths about where our society today is headed and how to assure that you’re on the safe side.
  • Which countries you should aim to settle in, and why.
  • The good company of like minded Gentlemen from all over the world who just like you — just want the good life

…and much, much more!

In fact, we could go on and on about this for days, because there is just so many golden gems hidden inside this treasure chest.

But just a few words of warning before you seriously consider joining The War Room:


…but if you follow the instructions and do as you’re told, victory is inevitable.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Become financially independent so you can retire from your job
  • Find new friends who actually ‘get’ what you’re doing and why
  • have a nice little side income so that you can go to Bali and surf once a year
  • Become an attractive gentleman who girls lust for
  • Get in really good shape without going to the gym

…The War Room and its additional courses have what’s required.

Just be aware that depending on your life goals, you may have to purchase additional courses…

…but trust us, they’re all worth it.

Alright, enough chit chat, let’s get to the real deal:

The price is £997 — Yes, that is a stiff price.

What more is, it’s for an annual subscription

But that’s because you’re investing yourself. You’re investing in your future.

If you don’t find it to be worth the money, then we suggest you go do something else.

The War Room only accepts winners in life — those who are willing to invest in themselves.

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