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Sexuality at the root of success

Let’s grant that all humans are different.

Let’s also grant that humans think only in ways that seem beneficial to their existence.

Let’s, kindly, surrender, that to be human, is to be “weird”.


The topic of success seems easy enough. Straight enough. Objective enough.

But is it?

Granted : wealth, beauty and accumulations tend to indicate a form of “superiority” of life. A form of “objectivity” of success. But. Who. Really. Knows.

Whose line are we drawing?


This is, understandably, a “strange” topic. But do we really want to know what it “is” about?

I do!

I think the concept of human sexuality originates from an obsession with, wait for it… beauty!

But beauty is stranger than both fiction and sexuality.

Beauty is! It comes from nowhere. It “lives” nowhere. It “goes” nowhere.


When it comes to “work”, we tend to have self-deprecating ways of defining and prioritising it.

Take the entrepreneur who attempts to both “make money” and “create” something unique.

What is he to do? To focus on “making money” (much like an employee)? Or to focus on “creativity” (much like the starving artist!)?

What. Exactly. Is. He/she. To do?????

This, believe it or not, takes us full circle back to the concepts of BOTH Sexuality and Beauty!

There is NO beauty in starvation. There is ALSO no beauty in doing “hard work” that is not self-nourishing. We need to DO both!

How? Hooooooooooooooow? Simple: We need to “BUILD” a reality we believe in. A reality that is intimate, sexual, and meaningful.

That would require some obstinacy. To disregard all the hardballers who care (so dearly!) about “profit and loss”. To despise all the naysayers. To have no taste for laziness. To be revolted by anything ugly. To see truth from a lie. To believe. To trust. To love. To sacrifice. To live!

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