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How to get Sure Numbers for UK’s Gosloto –

Go to your internet browser and visit this website:

Click on United Kingdom and then click on 49’s; Under 49s click on Hot and Cold, Then filter out with radio buttons selecting “6 numbers + Booster” and either Teatime or Lunchtime. You will get to a page that looks like the image below:

The pink park of the picture represents the dates of the draws, in this case:

19 represents the year (2019), 5 is the month (May), numbers below 5 are days (4 until 22) and T denotes Teatime, if you chose Lunchtime on the radio buttons there would be L instead of T. The right part of the picture with 7x, 6x, 5x and so on represents the number frequency — the number of times that the balls were drawn within a total of 20 draws. The left part represents the balls that were drawn. And obviously the numbers shaded in yellow are the balls that were drawn on that specific day. Booster simply means Bonus.

For the purpose of this example, we will use the above image for our method. This is how you will play; Pair together all the numbers that are in the frequency of 5x, 6x and 7x

That is: 11–47–49–19–13–30–5–15–10–24

Bet them in Pairs, Triples and Quadruples to make the most of your winnings. That is 45 pairs, 120 Triples and 210 Quadruples; which makes 375 bets in total, if you were betting with R1 you would need R375. Looking at the image if you played those numbers consistently for 20 days you would have won more than R20 000 in total.

You can download app on Google Play for Free called UK49’s Lunch & Tea, it will pair numbers for you in combinations of 2,3,4 and even 5 numbers.

Make sure you update your numbers every 5 to 10 draws because some numbers that are in the 4th frequency migrate to the 5th frequency and those in 5th migrate to the 6th, 4th or even remain constant.

Remember to download my Step-By-Step guide below which will teach you other methods of getting 100% sure jackpot numbers for UK49’s, SA Lotto and Gosloto 6–45.

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