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Before you start reading this, let me tell you that I for one have been very blessed with the people I get to call my friends. This isn’t a place where I’m coming to vent about my personal issues or how my friends have been super shitty, but more so on observations I’ve seen around me.

“Fake it till you make it”… how many of you have heard this expression? We can literally be called the generation that has taken this expression too far. We all know that fake is the new trend, instagram famous but broke in real life is the new style. We live in a time where everyone is trying to make it, be powerful and influence people when they can’t even seem to get their own shit together. Happy on social media…. depressed in real life, and the funny thing is that social media has made it easier for all these “entrepreneurs” and “life leaders” to connect.

Why is it that we always seem to get attracted to the people that seem to have money, the luxury, the expensive fucking champagne, but we never vibe and connect to the low key ones that don’t feel the need to pretend. How many of you all go out on the weekend, get all dressed up, bottle service, VIP and all this shit, and then go back home the next day and are too scared to look at your bank account. You pretend and do it for the gram and then your anxiety is through the fucking roof the next day because you don’t know how you’re going to make rent this month. Be careful about the people that say you’re like a brother or sister to them or that you guys are “besties” even when they hardly know you. Chances are, these are the same people that would fuck you over if they had a chance. What’s that saying… opportunity controls loyalty… how fucked up it that?…but that’s the reality of today.

I don’t give a shit about material things or who I know. You can be driving a Lamborghini and wearing a fur coat for all I care. I judge someones character by how humble, blunt and down to earth you can be. By how giving and caring you are to those around you.Don’t come to me and pretend you’re a big shot. We can all pretend. I don’t care about how much money you have and honestly, the people that do care are usually the most poisonous. The most insecure and self conscious people “vibe” with the biggest snakes. When are we going to make a machine that lets us see who the fake people are just like we can see fake money?his generation is too full of jealousy, greed, hate.

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