Outdoor kitchen with wood storage
Modular concrete kitchen makes al fresco cooking a breeze

Cooking outdoors is great in theory, but it’s way more complicated than it ought to be in practice. Grilling requires gear, and gear requires space. Unless you have a built-in kitchen al fresco, things can get a little disorganized.

Photo courtesy of Wwoo

That’s where something like Wwoo’s concrete outdoor kitchen comes in. Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer designed what’s best described as a high-design kitchen in a box. The kitchen comes in five-foot prefabricated concrete panels that assemble into a partition-like structure that has everything you need for outdoor cooking.

Outdoor kitchen with built-in storage
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Photo courtesy of Wwoo

Each kitchen can be customized to its owner’s preferences with features like built-in storage and shelves, a stainless steel sink, and room for a grill or smoker. Want room for firewood? No problem. Are you the type who needs two grills? It’s possible because of Wwoo’s modular set-up.

The kitchens come in three hues of cleanable concrete—white, light gray, and dark gray—so there’s something that will appeal to every aesthetically minded home cook.

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