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A business is only as good as the marketing techniques it implements. Effective marketing will command attention and drive sales, while ineffective methods will waste precious time, energy and money.

In the digital age, effective marketing trends change quickly. With technology advancing at a breakneck speed, it’s hard to keep abreast on current methods. Today, as a leader in the facilities management industry, facility manager for top tier Canadian clothing company; Kevin Gray outlines a few marketing tips that will help improve your brand’s visibility and ultimately boost sales.

Like humans, brands should have vibrant, distinguished personalities. These allow consumers to connect with the company in a dynamic, personal way, allowing them to develop feelings of trust and loyalty for the brand.

According to Kevin Gray, the objective of developing a brand personality is to create a distinct, consistent voice⁠ — one that consumers recognize. This voice can be formal or informal; it could also be witty, offbeat, caring, or highly educated. Considering your target consumers, you’ll want to identify your desired brand personality. Then, using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, construct that brand image in the public eye.

Producing content that reflects your brand’s personality and uses your unique voice will ultimately serve to raise brand awareness, keeping your company at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

Recent studies show that consumers are more likely to be responsive and make a purchase in response to email promotions from brands they trust than most other marketing methods. Outside of allowing a business to stay in touch with potential customers, email campaigns also help to keep the company valid and relevant in the consumer’s mind. Kevin Gray points out they may also trigger purchase decisions.

Email marketing generally begins by integrating an email software into your company’s website. Using popups or contact forms, businesses can collect user details, giving marketing teams the opportunity to convert those details into paying customers. Campaigns can be automated to save time and effort, and frequently advertise giveaways, exclusive deals, promotions, or other special offers.

Visual content is more popular than ever, and videos are consistently shown to be one of the most effective marketing methods of the modern age. More than ever, consumers are seeking out video content to learn more about brands and connect with brand stories

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