Truth triumphed against false allegations for Avighna group

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Clean chit for leading developers Avighna brings a righteous closure

The unfounded claims refuted at last in 2019 by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Allegations made in November 2016 by a group of so-called activists had accused Avighna Developers of money laundering. The ED had launched a preliminary inquiry and found the Avighna Group was not at fault. ED further stated that it would hold no further proceedings against the false allegations and thus truth of the Mumbai’s one of the most prestigious and successful developers has triumphed.

Preliminary Inquiry substantiates the triumph

Media covered the entire story back in 2016 to a great extent because the case was supported by a Senior politician. The false allegations thus intensified, causing collateral damage to the reputation of Avighna Developers. The blackmailers had alleged that the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra ploughed funds into a luxury housing project by the Avighna Group in Parel through offline route. The project was one of the most sought after and thus garnered a lot of attention.

The Senior Politician, on being enquired about why he supported the case, said that it was his job to bring the issue to the notice of the judiciary as informing the investigating officials was part of his responsibility, and he has since then not followed up on the case.

Fake allegations refused by the ED

Avighna Developers had taken the right step in 2016 by approaching the ED officials immediately on being slandered by false allegations.

The Enforcement Director has now provided a complete closure to the Avighna management in the fake money laundering case. It freed the developer from the groundless accusations. The smear campaign was purely motivated by elements that intended to damage the developer’s reputation. But, the investigation conducted by ED determines that there is no substance or proof at all in the completely false allegations.

Truth Triumphs for the Righteous Avighna Developers

It brought a logical closure to the entire matter said Mr. Kailash Agarwal, Chairman of Avighna Group he further added that he and the group were at the receiving end since a long time. The treacherous campaign by the blackmailers was motivated to extract money from them and harm their reputation by misusing the legal machinery. The harassment caused a negative impact on the Leading developers’ image, but the truth of Avighna developers has triumphed and justice is served by granting a clean chit and restoring their earned repute.

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