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How Much is a Medium Fan Worth The Startup

An honest breakdown of my most successful month on Medium so far

Last month I made $111.04 after committing to writing 22 pieces over thirty days.

According to May’s official Medium Partner Program statistics, this puts me in the top 8% of writers, which is encouraging to anyone starting on this platform, as this was the first month that I could commit to writing a new piece almost every day.

Although I’m delighted with these results, only three of these stories performed well enough to make more than $10 each, and these were all chosen by curators and published in Medium publications.

At the start of the month, I found myself frustrated as I aimlessly searched for a guide that explains roughly how much claps or fans are worth.

So I’ve decided to breakdown by fans per week and calculate roughly how much each fan was worth for any budding Medium writers reading this piece.

A fan is somebody who clicks on ‘clap’ and applauds a piece of writing on Medium.

Please note that the number of fans does not equate to the exact amount of claps received.

Any fan can clap a number of times from 1–50 on a piece of writing, and payment is calculated as a percentage of their $5 monthly subscription.

For instance, If I clap once for just one single piece in a calendar month, then up to $5 could potentially be distributed to the author of the piece of writing.

Because of this variation in payment amounts, there are no official statistics that help writers to gather an idea of how much they may get paid for their work. Therefore, I’ve decided to break down my fans and give other writers a rough idea of their earning potential.

The statistics above are for my most popular story in the last five weeks.

The story can be found here, for anyone who wants to see the anatomy of a successful piece.

Note that it was distributed in ‘Marketing’ by Medium curators, and also published in ‘The Startup.’ Both of these factors would have contributed to the stories success.

Also, note that 49 fans equated to $38 over roughly five weeks.
If you divide the $38 by 49, it works out at roughly $0.77 per fan

Five Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy for Startups’ was my second best performing story last month.

Note that this piece was distributed by curators across four different categories, and also published in ‘The Startup.’

Across four weeks, 43 people applauded this piece of work, and this equated to $37 in payment.

If we divide $37 by 43, we can see that each fan was worth roughly $0.86, which is almost $1 per fan.

Going back to the monthly statistics, we can see that 185 fans equated to roughly $111.

$111 divided by 185 gives an estimate of $0.60 per fan as a monthly average.
Last month, I found that the more I wrote, the more fans I got overall.

I took a break from writing for just a week and plummeted from averaging 6–7 fans a day down to as little as two.

My advice to new Medium writers is to write consistently, don’t panic over continually checking your stats, it won’t change the number of views, reads, or fans you receive.

Write about things topics that you love; it will show in your writing.
Pace yourself, and don’t give up or become disheartened.

Out of the 22 pieces that I published last month, only 12 made any money at all.

Stick with what works, write for publications, and follow Medium’s content guidelines to improve your chances of being curated.

Use Grammarly — It saves lives!

Best of luck with your future writing endeavors.

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