Financial Freedom Through Decades of Hard Work and Hustle

How to Talk to Your Parents About Money
How to Talk to Your Parents About Money

Carol Scott has a successful real estate investing company that she runs with her husband, Jay. They have two children, live where they want, and enjoy life on their own terms—free from the stress of having a “real” job, a boss, and all the time constraints that come along with it.

But it wasn’t always this way for her. Carol grew up without a lot of money. Her financial journey really began at age nine, when her mother told her if she wanted to have nice shampoo, she had to figure out a way to earn money to buy it.

Enter Carol’s hustle. Whenever Carol wanted to buy something, she started a new entrepreneurial endeavor—face painting, calligraphy, anything related to art was fair game for young Carol. At age 15, she hopped onto her bike and rode up to the convenience store, all but demanding to work there.

She graduated college into a job where she had regular access to the C-Suite. Mentorship opportunities abound. Carol’s focus turned to learning, and she picked up tips from every person she encountered.

She’s here today to share many of these tips with you and to inspire your journey through her own. This is a tale of never giving up and not being satisfied with what life throws at you. Now go out and grab the bull by the horns.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Carol’s background with money
  • Starting her financial independence and entrepreneurial journey at age 9
  • The importance of having a work ethic
  • Calligraphy, face painting, signs, and artsy stuff to earn money
  • What she did with the money she earned
  • Her college journey
  • The big transition that occurred between her freshman and sophomore year
  • The first internship she got
  • Coming out of college with $35K in student loan debt and $40K in credit card debt
  • Exposure to C-level people
  • Looking for the next big opportunity at work
  • How growing up with no money influenced her behavior
  • How she began making lots of money
  • Taking leadership courses her companies pay for
  • Moving to Franklin Covey 8 years into her career
  • Her advice to those who are looking to get into a job that offers a high salary
  • What’s urgent versus what’s important
  • How she began managing her money
  • How she handles her investments
  • What she does post-career at eBay
  • The importance of being resourceful
  • The importance of spending time with the family
  • And SO much more!

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