What are some good habits to follow to be richer in the future?

Rafael Eliassen
What are some good habits to follow to be richer

You squeeze it hard and get all the juice to yourself.

Now you have zero lemons. That’s what poor people do with their assets.

They squeeze it all until there is nothing left. And wonder why they don’t have enough lemons.

To have more lemons (money), you have to grow more lemons.

That’s the first rule of wealth.

#1 Multiplying Captial.

People start their business in hopes of making money.

But, it takes money to make money.

If you start a business with no money; you will end up working in a free or low-paying job.

The more you invest in marketing, website, team building, the more you will make.

So you need to put money into your business to make something from it.

How do you get this money?

#2 Raise Money.

The people who complain about not having money to start their business are the ones that aren’t willing to work.

There are tremendous opportunities in the market place.

There are freelancing sites, you can learn a skill, babysit, drive an uber, get a job.

It’s about doing whatever it takes to raise enough money.

It’s a lot of work but if you really want it, you have to do 100 interviews this week.

Change your input to change your outcome.

There is no easy way out.

#3 Long-term Wealth.

Some methods multiply capital faster and some slower.

If I spend $10k in my business in marketing the return would be around $100k

But If I invest $10k in index funds, I would only make an extra of $2k a year.

You need both slower and faster method in your arsenal.

It’s not about making that quick buck.

Remember it’s all about multiplying capital (money) in the long run.

#4 Abundance Mindset.

Even if you start multiplying capital, the vibe you have towards money is crucial.

Because if you are in a scarcity mindset, the moment you lose money or there is a problem in your business, you will freak out.

You will complain and make rash decisions.

We don’t want that. As long as you have a business you will have problems.

Commit to living a happy life that helps you be proactive.

Money making is a game and wealthy people enjoy playing it.

#5 Educate Yourself.

Your relationship, mental health, spirituality, health all need work.

Same is with money.

You need to read books, invest in courses, improve your skills to get better.

You have to work to bring in money. You have to find ways to innovate.

The learning never ends.

One last thing.

Wealth creation is fun when you do it around something you are passionate about.

Make a list you enjoy the most. Rate them from 1–10.

Whatever it is a 10 for you, you will have a blast making money with it.

Doing what you love and building wealth with it is real fulfillment.

If you have found something like this, I would love to talk.

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