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Gambling has been a major engagement, especially among the youths, for quite a while. It effortlessly earned its popularity as a source of income, having in mind that unemployment among the youths is a fresh wound, and it seems not to be losing its ground any soon.

Generally, gambling is inspired by the appetite of an individual to earn quick cash when badly stricken by money hunger. It all starts slowly and subtly and before one realizes what is really happening, they are neck deep into the mess. Bailing themselves out becomes problematic.

Gambling can wreck serious challenges in the life of the gambler, including but not limited to: physical health, financial wellbeing, emotional instability, and family issues, among others.

Negative effects of gambling include;

1. Creates unnecessary anxiety

Simply put, gambling is betting that something or an event will occur and you attach money to your bet or anything of value that you are likely to win in manifold should you predict rightly.

It is certain that you can’t have easy moments during the while of your wait. This brings about anxiety and gradually develops to stress and finally depression. If not looked into on time, it can lead to sleeping problems and even difficulties in decision making.

2. Leads to suicidal thoughts

It is apparent that many people have lost their lives by committing suicide after losing the bet they had placed with all the comfort and certainty of winning.

Thoughts of worthlessness and clouds of despondence engulfs an individual all together soon after things failing to go their way. People contemplate suicide when they know they lost valuables that they will never get back.

3. Can make loss of property

When gambling gets to another level, addictions can creeps in and the gambler easily goes crazy. Anything around would stand as a potential item for gambling. Starting from furniture, electronics, money and other items will be endangered.

With the drive to win ‘one more game’ in the mind of a gambler, even after losing the antecedent, they start having their household items used for gambling. Soon enough, an individual will be left with no possession.

4. Leads to physical fights

It’s no secret that no one takes it joy in losing, especially when talking about money matters. It is true that fist fights can escalate among gamblers after failing to have a central ground, for whoever reason, on their gambling.

Fights can bring about physical damages and deformation to individuals, which is not cool. Some of these damages can be permanent and can lead to further complications in one’s life.

5. Family neglect

Gamblers hardly have time to spend with their families. They are always are on the lookout on what to bet on and when. Family matters get to be given little to no time.

Children tend to miss the parent gamblers who spend hours on gambling machines, and even days can go by without setting eye on each other.

On severe cases, abandoning family can lead to relationship breakups and divorce of spouses.

6. Increased crime cases

Gambling can make an individual to turn to others to forcefully have their possessions to either use them in gambling or auction them at a throw-away price to get money to gambler with.

Many gamblers have been highly associated with heavy drug abuse. This can be a major cause of the increased crime cases.

Initially, gambling can look to many as a quick scheme to make cash and get sorted with many life problems.. It gradually turns out to be that gambling has more cons than pros. The addiction aspect of gambling has far reaching consequences, from physical, mental to financial. When critically looked into, it can be stated with confidence that gambling is better avoided than dared.

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