Nothing for it in my pockets, I bought my first house two months later
Nothing for it in my pockets I bought my first

It was determined above that I like to have clear targets and, having said that, the main target was already written in stone with the house targeted by my girlfriend.

After a day, a meeting with Marc-Olivier Labarre, my new mortgage real estate broker, and my new spreadsheet created, I’ve got the target number to set aside with all the required fees that come with the process of buying a house in Québec.

Side note about that guy

If you’re located in one of the areas covered where he does business I can only suggest you go knock at his door, no, call him before 😉, and you won’t regret it. He knows how to make you feel in good hand, he clearly knows what he’s doing and that’s not the type of guy that is going to sell you bullshit and, undoubtedly, you won’t quit his office with unanswered questions.

So, what I was saying…

The target was 12 000$ 😤.

I won’t go in the details of how it was split, but it covered most of the mandatory amounts (Notary Fees, Municipal Taxes and Cash down) that has to be paid before taking possession of the house.

There is a lot of ways to do more money but generally, that correlates with an expense in Time and that resource is not infinite, especially when you have kids and a full-time job.

Lost in my mind, looking for a way to gather that amount of money in record time, I came across this quote that threw me on the path of a success story.

If you have family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head. You are richer than you think.

Let’s forget about the first part of the quote… that’s really lovely🦋 and it makes sense, but it’s not that part that has resonated in me. Take the part writing in bold and imagine a dude with a thinking face 🤔 stepping out of his office who start walking from one side of another of his apartment looking at all that stuff that won’t provide him the quarter of the joy that finally owning a house will produce.

Ok, let’s use Wile E. to help our imagination.

So, you should have figured out that that guy was me and that like our friend Wile E., I found myself stunned by an excellent idea 💡.

It was time to make all of those years of over-consumerism useful by making space for something better and greater (I know, it’s subjective 😉). I’ve started spinning around, around and, again, around in the apartment asking my self the questions listed below about every object crossing my eyesight.

  1. Is it essential (we couldn’t live without it)?It would be difficult to live without a refrigerator, oven and a coffee machine (isn’t it my love? 😘).
  2. Ok, it’s not essential but, is it useful and do I or my family use it often?
    My MacBook Pro fits nicely in that category, I use it to work from home time to time and do some basic front and backend development on personal projects. Can’t say the same for my iPad Pro or my PlayStation 4 and the VR kit attach to it…
  3. Ok, it’s useful but, is it possible to downgrade for a lower service or product that’s might also fulfil my needs?
    Ho! My MacBook Pro fits also in that category… I could use an entry level laptop to work from home.

Answering those questions showed me that I had too much useless possession I could simply get rid. Selling them will make them useful again.

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