Breakfast links: Why are progressive boomers delaying fixes to the housing shortage?
Breakfast links Why are progressive boomers delaying fixes to the

How “progressive” boomers limit access to housing and transit

As Greater Greater Washington’s Alex Baca explains in a recent Huffington Post article, older homeowners who identify as progressive are increasingly using using technical procedures to block new housing construction despite their claims to support affordable housing and access to transit.  (Michael Hobbes / Huffington Post)

Inside DC’s game show-like competition for rooms in group houses

Thanks to a lack of affordable housing options, a growing number of young college graduates are creating things like “roommate resumes” to set themselves apart as they compete with one another for coveted rooms in group houses.  (Mimi Montgomery / Washingtonian)

Emotions run high as MoCo explores changes to school boundaries

Montgomery County has taken the first step toward potentially redrawing its school boundaries by enlisting the help of an outside firm to study the current ones. The issue invokes hot-button issues like race, housing affordability, and school crowding.  (Donna St. George / Post)

The Council should ensure funds for at-risk students, says DC’s auditor

After millions of dollars initially earmarked for DC’s neediest students were spent elsewhere, DC Auditor Kathy Patterson suggested that the DC Council should better define what an at-risk student is to ensure future funds are not misspent.  (Mitch Ryals / City Paper)

MoCo is divided over accessory apartments

Some see accessory apartments as a practical solution to Montgomery County’s affordable housing shortage because they add more housing options, while others worry they will contribute to congestion and suppress property values.  (Ally Schweitzer / WAMU)

Slightly more people rode the Metro on July 4 than last year

Metro ridership on last Thursday’s Independence Day was 1.7% higher than last year’s holiday. What isn’t known however, is the breakdown of people who went to attend festivities on the National Mall versus those who attended protests and other events.  (Luz Lazo / Post)

No arrests as the alt-right rallied and counter-protesters gathered in DC

Saturday’s “Demand Free Speech” rally in Freedom Plaza with alt-right attendees drew a larger group of counter-protesters. While there was some agitation between the two groups, police reported no arrests.  (Rachel Kurzius / DCist)

Support for Jack Evans is starting to dwindle

Many campaign donors and even Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office are drawing back their support for DC Councilmember Jack Evans as ethics concerns mount. On Tuesday, the DC Council will vote on whether to remove him as Chairman of the Finance Committee.  ( Peter Jamison and Paul Schwartzman / Post)

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