How a Saver & a Spender Are Living Happily Ever After
How a Saver a Spender Are Living Happily Ever

Kiersten and Julien came from two very different money backgrounds. She’s the naturally spendy one, and he’s the natural saver.

Their money views came to a head on their first vacation, when she put everything on a credit card—not to earn reward points—because she didn’t have the money to pay for it.

The ensuing argument caused them to have some pretty tough money conversations very early on in their relationship. But it also set them up for early financial freedom.

Kiersten decided her old, spendy ways weren’t what she wanted out of life. She started shedding her “things” so that she could pay off her debt and start investing.

They researched and discovered a hole in the FI community. There just weren’t many blogs devoted to the African American community that focused on tips about money and early financial freedom. So, they started their blog, Rich & Regular, to bridge this gap.

Investing in real estate helped create enough passive income for Julien to leave his corporate job, and for the couple to start living the life they truly want. 

Plus, don’t miss when Julien casually drops one of the best paying-for-college tips that’s ever been shared on this show.

If you’re struggling with spending too much money or reconciling your frugal ways with that of your partner, this is a must-listen episode.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Julien’s money journey
  • Frugality as part of his everyday life
  • On feeling he needed different ways to earn income
  • On his job right after college
  • How Julien and Kiersten met
  • Kiersten’s money journey
  • On her sales and retail experience
  • How Kiersten had a problem with spending
  • Julien’s hack to pay $25 per semester in college
  • Reason Kiersten got into debt
  • Talking about their relationship journey and how they fixed their money problems
  • Went on a saving spree after paying off all his debts
  • Didn’t get into investing together until after marriage
  • Their philosophies on buying properties
  • On their investment properties
  • How their careers have progressed since marriage
  • And SO much more!

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